Focused on Durable Dividend Paying Resource Equities

Exposure Across Resource Producers, Processors, Transportation and Infrastructure

Inflation Protection & Portfolio Diversification via Real Assets

Searching for Value Creation in Out of Favor Sectors

Investing in both Traditional Commodities and Those That Enable a More Sustainable Future


A Unique Objective Backed by Decades of Experience

We invest in dividend paying natural resource equities. We do this in order to provide substantial inflation protected income generation in a world where non-resource related income streams are more richly valued than at any time in history.

The Managers of the Marathon Real Asset Income Strategy harness almost four decades of investing experience across equity, credit and commodity markets to help them construct durable and resilient portfolios with robust yields.  The natural resource sector as a whole, after a decade of severe underperformance versus financial assets, represents one of the few niches of true value in an increasingly expensive world of financial alternatives.


Publicly Available Research

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